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Welcome to All Hand Woven.

Designed in LA
Handmade in Madagascar.

We created All Hand Woven to celebrate the weavers and crafts people that make art and magic with their hands. Inspired by our global travels and created with friends we met and made along the way.

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Our Mission:
Madagascar is the island of raffia par excellence. Through our work, we support improving the lives of women in the Antananarivo region of Madagascar by giving them a voice and showcasing their art of weaving.

Our Materials:
Raffia is all natural and grows quickly, making it extremely sustainable. With our partners, we source raffia from a protected reserve located in the northern region of Madagascar, the Ankarafantsika National Park. Here, the law strongly contributes to the conservation of raffia palm trees by limiting the harvest from June to October each year, allowing the branches to grow back before the beginning of the next season. Cutting and trimming the palm leaves is also a crucial and environmentally-friendly gesture as the palm trees end up dying if this isn’t done. Using raffia as our raw material ensures that the palm trees will stay healthy and continue to grow. Furthermore, our partners plant hundreds of thousands of trees every year in the reserve of Ankarafantsika to keep the region flourishing.

Our Workers:
Did you know that the fashion industry is the highest at-risk product category for modern slavery? Women and girls account for almost 71% of slavery victims. Working with our partners in Madagascar, our weavers work 8 hours a day, have weekends off, and receive vacation pay and health insurance. Periodic overtime and weekend work are compensated fairly.

It's 'All Hand Woven':
From the harvesting of the raffia to the manufacturing of our products, everything is done manually to celebrate the artisans and the art of raffia handicraft. We also use environmentally-friendly and certified Azo-Free pigments, i.e without heavy metals (nickel, cadmium, mercury, lead, and chromium) that are hypoallergenic and respectful of the environment.

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